About Me

Hello! My name is Heather Slota.

Slota: Slow-ta

I thought I would include how to pronounce my name since people have problems with it often!

I am a 22 year old Senior who is majoring in Communication and Digital Studies. I am going to graduate this May and I can not wait.

I moved from Endicott, NY to Chantilly, VA in 2014. Then I moved AGAIN from Chantilly, VA to Fredericksburg, VA in 2015 to attend UMW.

I got engaged on Thanksgiving of 2016 and I will be getting married in Oct 2018.

I have one big orange fluffy cat named Pumpkin. He gets called Kitty more than Pumpkin though. We rescued him from off the streets, no joke. He has a bunch of street “cred” with all of the birds and squirrels around. Pumpkin is the real deal.

Along with my Kitty, my parents have two Dobermans that I grew up with so I call them mine too. They are brothers, a year apart, and their names are Max and Mini!


Besides from being a crazy cat mom, I enjoy photography, crocheting, four wheeling, and sleeping. My favorite flower is a Sunflower and my favorite food is General Tso’s Tofu. Oh yea, I am a vegetarian going on 6 years meat free! I love watching football, Go Buffalo Bills!

Well now you know a lot about me!

Thanks for stoping by! Enjoy my page.