Blog, Aksimet, and Daily Creates…it’s only Monday

This blog is now more “me”. Organized and to the point.


I had trouble installing the plug-in Akismet so I will definally be re-visiting that when I get a chance.

I also explored the assignment bank and thought that there were a lot of good ideas on there that I am going to keep in mind for sure! Looking forward to working on some of those!!

Also have done a 3 daily creates since last Friday and I think they are fun! Gives me a chance to get creative and have no hard guidelines! Lots of fun!


well that’s all for now!

-Agent Slota.

2 thoughts on “Blog, Aksimet, and Daily Creates…it’s only Monday”

  1. If you still need some help figuring out Akismet I’d be glad to help you out! You can activate it for free with a account (which is different than your UMW domains account.)

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