Dossier of Agent Reveal

Name: Lynn Harris
Date of Birth: 1964
Country Origin: USA
Occupation: Private Investigator; FBI Agent
Code Name: Agent Reveal

Background Intelligence: 

Agent Reveal is a USA born citizen and was recruited by the FBI in 1984. At 20, she was able to do things that no other agent was able to. She is a very valued agent that has been able to go under cover for many special ops programs and has come out successful. Agent Reveal is fluent in Arabic and English and has been able to translate Arabic for the FBI for 30 years. The name Reveal comes from the amount of things that she has uncovered. She is very smart and smart when it comes to technology. Not to mention she can take pictures from miles away and have a clear cut image. On the side she is a Private Investigator for her own company. She has helped uncover many cheating men, find lost children, and even uncover scandalous company issues. She is coming highly recommended from the FBI.

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