Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies. I own a Rebel Ti3 Cannon camera and I love it! I love taking pictures of people and just every day objects. I use my skill to work with the company I internship with and take pictures of her products to display to her customers. I also love just taking pictures of my family. It is hard to get everyone together since we are scattered up and down the east coast and have some family on the west coast and when we do get together I take pictures. I like just freezing that memory and holding onto it forever. Life is short and you never know what is going to happen. In fact, I have an entire wall in my house full of pictures I have taken of family and friends that I call the Hall of Fame! I think that I am a pretty good photographer but I could improve one particular thing. When I take pictures I get excited and do not concentrate when I take the picture often being left with blurry photos. My goal is to slow down, check the pictures and take many to make sure that I get the perfect picture! From the “Becoming a Better Photographer” he focused on symmetry and geometry and I may start focusing on that to have more balanced photos.


Definitions of the Vocab with examples from Secret Agent Man performance by Johnny Rivera:

Selection: When you think about selection you are thinking about what you are taking a picture of and the importance of taking that picture.

Ex: The band playing Secret Agent Man

Contrast: There are two types of contrast Tonal contrast and color contrast. Tonal contrast is the contrast from light to dark or from what to gray to black. Color contrast is the way colors interact with one another. That can really make or break a photo.

Light in the front, dark in the background!

Perspective: This is all about where the picture is going to be taken from, direct on, under the object or view, above it. It is the angle where you want people to see the photo from.

The video is taken from directly straight on for the most part.


Depth: Depth is the distance between the nearest and furthers object in an image.

In this still, there is very little depth because Mr. Rivera is closer to the camera which means there is not much depth. But from the camera to the back of the stage there is a lot more depth.


Balance: When all parts of the image demand equal attention.

This is a good example because the band is around the same size and the depth from the background is appropriate.

Moment: This is when the image is just right to capture the meaning or the feeling that is taking place in the image.

I thought that this was a good still because it captures what they are doing in the right moment. They are playing this AMAZING classic song and it says that it is a light heated moment.

Lighting: It is important to think about the lighting because it will pull things forward or push them back based on how light or dark each object is.

I am going to use this image again because it can show the difference in lighting. The drummer and other guitarist are darker which means the eye is drawn to the lighter area which is Johnny Rivera with the spot light on him. Light is a powerful element in photography.


Foreground/Background: This is what looks closer or further away even though it is a 2D image.

If you look at the image above you can tell that the band is behind Mr. Rivera and then there are decorations behind them. It is also important to think about this!

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  1. I like the way that you broke down the image still step by step with the photography terms. Especially since you chose several stills in a sequence it helped give a better idea of how staging and lighting went into the overall sequence of the clip.

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