Passangers Spoiler

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The movie that I decided to spoil was Passengers. I recently just watched it and after watching it I was disappointed. But, now that I reflect it was actually a really good movie. It was fun to guess why they woke up in the beginning and then become very shocked on why they actually woke up. If you want a quick run down on the movie, then here it is!



Video Essay : Nancy Drew

For this video essay, I decided that I was going to do it on Nancy Drew. She is probably one of my most favorite because she is so smart and is clever. For the essay portion I decided to focus on a lot of the techniques that were displayed in the Every Frame a Painting videos. I focused on the Shot Reverse Shots that allowed you to see both sides of the conversation and caught viewers attentions. Also, techniques such as ensemble staging and movement that was also utilized to draw attention to the clip. I never realized how much each technique was used until I really payed attention. Enjoy!



Agent Reveal Interview

My name is Agent Reveal, here is my interview. I hope you feel like you know me better now….
Questions I answered:

1. Why is shaken better than stirred?

2. If I was being chased by a gorilla and I had to choose between running to a 7/11 or a manhole, which would I choose

3. What is my favorite prime number between 15 to 100?

4. If I had to choose between the hands of a baby of the feet of a baby, which would I pick?

5. When someone yawns, do I?

6. What is the meaning of my code name?

7. If I could be an exotic orange animal, what would I be?

Animal Dance!

Stars: 4

The toughest thing about his assignment was finding a good video to put music to. Then I remembered for the longest time, there was a Peacock Spider commercial on TV and remembered that they do a funny little dance. That is when I decided to put music to this video. I do not want to give away anymore spoilers but this assignment was funny! Hope you enjoy!

Web Remix of Amazon

Since the images would not show up, I took some screen shots to show what I did. I have walked into stores many times knowing that they don’t have security systems. They are thousands of dollars. I see the signs hanging up and realize a lot of people probably think it is for real. So I made an amazon ad for these signs.

Daily Create Story- Week 9

The year is 1900. One of my favorite things to do is imagine what the future is like. Where cats are smarter than dogs. Maybe, even one day, a woman will run for president. But I am sure in the 2000’s a woman will hold much more power then we do now. She will make a great contender. I am unsure if she will win or not, but I imagine she will be going up against a bunch of men. I am sure men will not change but woman will advance and become stronger and more powerful.

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