Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

My grandparents have always been my idols. The way that they loved one another and cared for one another. My mom-mom passed away a few years ago and my pop-pop misses her dearly. They were the sweet Ukrainian couple that fell in love. Religion is important to them and they raised all five of their children as Byzantine-Catholic and that has carried on down to me. They both grew up during the time of the great depression so they both have been through a lot growing up, but when they met, they never let anything stop them. They were always working hard to provide for their family and would do anything for one another. I hope my marriage is half as strong as theirs was. I am so happy I was brought up witnessing their love. Now, I can never say I don’t know what love is because they were it.

Week 3 Summary

This week was another week of fun in the agency. We are doing a lot of fun assignments and keep doing new and creative things. I like that I learn something new with each assignment.

My favorite assignment this week has definitely been the fortune cookie assignment. I loved just getting creative with each assignment and taking it in any direction I want.

I used paint again for one of my assignments and the more I use it the more I fall in love with it! I honestly cannot get enough of it. I would use it along with Photoshop any day. I highly suggest it. Looking forward to next week.

Links to this week’s work:

It’s all in a fortune cookie…

Dossier of Agent Reveal

Daily Creates Week 3

It’s all in a fortune cookie…

Fortune Cookie:  “Romance is likely; strike up a conversation”


Today, for lunch, I had sushi with my friend Nancy Drew. When I opened my fortune cookie it said “Romance is likely; strike up a conversation”. This was interesting seeing how I had a date with James Bond later tonight. After my long day in the PI Office, 5 o’clock came around. I left my office, went home, and got ready. James came to pick me up around 7 and we went to a restaurant called Number 5. We walk in and it is really fancy. Once we get seated at our table and we started talking. He asks me how my day was and I brought up the fortune cookie and he laughed and said he thought that it was the perfect introduction to their future together. That is the moment James Bond and Lynn Harris fell in love.


Dossier of Agent Reveal

Name: Lynn Harris
Date of Birth: 1964
Country Origin: USA
Occupation: Private Investigator; FBI Agent
Code Name: Agent Reveal

Background Intelligence: 

Agent Reveal is a USA born citizen and was recruited by the FBI in 1984. At 20, she was able to do things that no other agent was able to. She is a very valued agent that has been able to go under cover for many special ops programs and has come out successful. Agent Reveal is fluent in Arabic and English and has been able to translate Arabic for the FBI for 30 years. The name Reveal comes from the amount of things that she has uncovered. She is very smart and smart when it comes to technology. Not to mention she can take pictures from miles away and have a clear cut image. On the side she is a Private Investigator for her own company. She has helped uncover many cheating men, find lost children, and even uncover scandalous company issues. She is coming highly recommended from the FBI.

Assignment 3: My Signature

This is an H in sign language. The assignment was to create something that described you. Well this is it. The reason that I chose this symbol or letter is because on my thigh I have a tattoo in sign language that says “family”. I have always been a lover of sign language but have never had the opportunity to learn it and it has been on my bucket list before getting my tattoo. This hand represents who I am and what I love, sign language and my family.

Assignment 2: Special Agent ID


I chose this assignment to relate it to our course. I chose this particular ID because it was plain and could add whatever I wanted to it. I chose “0017” because I will be graduating this year so I thought it would be a great tribute to that. I was going to include something about the course 106 but I thought this looked good already! I thought this was really fun and now I am officially an Offical Agent of DS 106.

My Dear Assignment One

I chose to do a quote that from a movie I have never seen. What I have seen is this quote multiple times and wanted to explore where it came from. I have heard of this movie multiple times and now I am more inclined to watch it now after doing this.

I found the quote on American Film Institute and it was #1 on the 100 best movie quotes of all time. When I saw it I recognized it and thought that this picture with this quote was wonderful together. I think this project was probably my favorite thus far.

Blog, Aksimet, and Daily Creates…it’s only Monday

This blog is now more “me”. Organized and to the point.


I had trouble installing the plug-in Akismet so I will definally be re-visiting that when I get a chance.

I also explored the assignment bank and thought that there were a lot of good ideas on there that I am going to keep in mind for sure! Looking forward to working on some of those!!

Also have done a 3 daily creates since last Friday and I think they are fun! Gives me a chance to get creative and have no hard guidelines! Lots of fun!


well that’s all for now!

-Agent Slota.