Week 11 Summary

Another week of Video Assignments. I did 9 stars worth of character videos and 4 stars of another video assignment. I love making videos with iMovie and this gave me a good chance to use it again. I will miss making videos for this class. I also did 3 daily creates this week which were also pretty entertaining. Another week for the books.

Passangers Spoiler

Who is Agent Reveal?


Week 11 Daily Create

Passangers Spoiler

Stars: 4

The movie that I decided to spoil was Passengers. I recently just watched it and after watching it I was disappointed. But, now that I reflect it was actually a really good movie. It was fun to guess why they woke up in the beginning and then become very shocked on why they actually woke up. If you want a quick run down on the movie, then here it is!