Week 12 Summary

This week we had to do 12 stars of mashup assignments, make a “how to” post, and do 2 remixes. This week was probably the hardest one for me. I think that my creativity is headed down the drain as we near the end of the semester with a 10 page paper and projects hanging over my head. Despite all of that, I think I did pretty good this week. I think that the most fun part was making Talky Tina. That was fun. I also had a hard time relating it to the class theme. I think that that was one of the more challenging parts. I think I only got one of the mashups to be related…shame on me. Anyways, check it all out!

Daily Creates Week 12

Holiday Mash-up

007 – Talky Tina

How to: Create a Movie Mash-Up


Remix Assignment 1

Remix #2- Uncle Bob

Mascot Mash-Up

Ever since I moved to Virginia, I fell in love with the hockey team, Washington Capitals, and the baseball team, Washington Nationals. I also kept some love for NY when I stick by the Buffalo Bills side. I still have to rep NY in VA. I used the Bills logo, and the two mascots for this mashup. The most fun part of this was to have the mascots ride the bull. I think it was a lot of fun.


Stars: 4

Movie Mash-up

This was lots and lots of fun! I had to pick two movies that were similar and create one mashup poster. I thought that the perfect two movies would be Cop Out and The Other Guys. This was the perfect combo in my head because they were both movies that had to do with buddies that were cops that get along at the end and make everything work out. I think that it was hard to play with perspective but I wanted to make sure that it said “Cop Out Guys” and I think I achieved that well.

Stars: 4.5

How to: Create a Movie Mash-Up

  1. First thing is first. You need to decide what movies are similar enough or have been compared to. For example the movies that I chose were Cop Out and Other Guys. They are both movies that are about cop buddies working together. Use this link to help you if you need it!
  2. Next, pick two images, if I was you I would pick movie posters. Here are mine. 
  3. The next step is to open up paint. I know that all of us are not rich enough for some of the more high applications. I promise paint is not like it use to be and has a lot of helpful tools. You need to decide how you are going to mash the movies. I am going to take the word “Guys” and put that on the “Cop Out” poster so it will read “Cop Out Guys”. I am also going to put Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in the image too.
  4. Now, duplicate the poster a few times to be able to use it over and over. First I will upload the Other Guys Poster delete everything that I do no want. So I will get rid of the clouds, the names of the actors and also “The Other”.  It should look like that on the left with all the layers. Save that as a .jpeg. This step will take a little while. 
  5. After that, you want to open up the other movie poster on a separate paint document. Then also open up the other movie poster. Play around with it and adjust the images together however you want. Mine took some time to play around with to get it how I wanted it!
  6. Lastly, save this project as a .jpeg and upload it to your blog. Don’t forget to tag this assignment!

007 – Talky Tina

Since I could not relate this particular assignment to my secret agent so I dedicated this one to our theme. The project was to get a picture of Talky Tina’s head, which required a lot of editing. Talky Tina, for those of you that do not know, it a talking doll from Twilight Zone. She is a creepy doll that talks, keeps coming back after being thrown out of the house and disposed of far far away. It is actually a comical episode. Well, here is my image of Talking Tina, 007 style.


Stars: 2.5