Final Project Plans

First, the mission that I am going to complete is Item 3.

“Several agents were appear to have been interviewed by The Directorate. We have a report that they know who all of our agents are. We know they have a foothold on campus. And we have a report that one of our agents has gone rogue and is secretly working for The Directorate. How shall we approach this situation? What can we do about it?”

My first plan of attack for this Final Mission is to create audio that keeps everyone updated on this mission, so I would say about three or four. Then, I will create an image of some of the research that I have collected. Lastly, I will come up with a video of options to solve this problem!


So far, I have written some the script of the audio. This is roughly what the first audio track will have on it!

“ The story begins with a misplaced file in our office cabinet. This NEVER happens at the agency because it is important that we keep things in order to prevent mishaps within the Agency. This particular cabinet is where we store all of our important files on missions and agents that are only accessible by fingerprints. The fingerprints that are in the system are only those of secret agents in this group. Now, it is up to me to figure out who is a secret spy for The Directorate. The first thing I will do is conduct a series of interviews with all the agents to see if I can get anything out of anyone. I will be asking if they know of anyone who has been compromised and if they respond no…well then, we will do what we have to do.


The sooner we find out who is being all of this the better. Secret missions can and will be exposed, our agents will be under fire from the Agency’s enemies. Something needs to happen and it needs to happen now.
Keep following me through this with updates….you will be hearing from me soon.””

Daily Create Week 13

Intersting! We finally know what Professor Bonds favorite weapon is, the exploding rats. These rats are perfect for getting in to locked up places and in places a human can not get. What an intersting choice of weapon!