Daily Creates Week 2

Agent Slota- Week 2 in the Agency

All things are running more smoothly. I have on hiccup left. I am posting my assignment with the CORRECT tags and they are not showing up in each assignment, I have to manually hand add them. My blog has been now registered 2 times on the website and nothing is happening. I have been manually entering them form now.

Update: There is a lag between when you post something on your blog to when you see it under each assignment. (oops.)

My favorite assignment I did was the Agent ID. I thought that it was a great way to relate it to the class and now I feel more offical! 

Overall this week was fun. Got to try out some new techniques with design. I did a lot of my work in Paint which, as a Mac owner, I do not normally use. It has changed a lot over the years and I think that it has a lot of great qualities now and it is really user friendly. Everything went really smoothly, again, thankfully, and I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for next week!



Assignment 3: My Signature

This is an H in sign language. The assignment was to create something that described you. Well this is it. The reason that I chose this symbol or letter is because on my thigh I have a tattoo in sign language that says “family”. I have always been a lover of sign language but have never had the opportunity to learn it and it has been on my bucket list before getting my tattoo. This hand represents who I am and what I love, sign language and my family.

Assignment 2: Special Agent ID


I chose this assignment to relate it to our course. I chose this particular ID because it was plain and could add whatever I wanted to it. I chose “0017” because I will be graduating this year so I thought it would be a great tribute to that. I was going to include something about the course 106 but I thought this looked good already! I thought this was really fun and now I am officially an Offical Agent of DS 106.

My Dear Assignment One

I chose to do a quote that from a movie I have never seen. What I have seen is this quote multiple times and wanted to explore where it came from. I have heard of this movie multiple times and now I am more inclined to watch it now after doing this.

I found the quote on American Film Institute and it was #1 on the 100 best movie quotes of all time. When I saw it I recognized it and thought that this picture with this quote was wonderful together. I think this project was probably my favorite thus far.

Blog, Aksimet, and Daily Creates…it’s only Monday

This blog is now more “me”. Organized and to the point.


I had trouble installing the plug-in Akismet so I will definally be re-visiting that when I get a chance.

I also explored the assignment bank and thought that there were a lot of good ideas on there that I am going to keep in mind for sure! Looking forward to working on some of those!!

Also have done a 3 daily creates since last Friday and I think they are fun! Gives me a chance to get creative and have no hard guidelines! Lots of fun!


well that’s all for now!

-Agent Slota.