Tweet Along!

This tweet along was about one of my most favorite podcast, Limetown. If you have never heard of this podcast, you need to look it up. Its about a girl who investigates the disappearance of an entire town.

The two episodes that we listened to were intense and was very fun to listen to. The sound effects were helped to paint a picture while listening to it. There would be an echo while someone was talking and you could just picture them in a room talking far away from one another. Another thing that was intense was the phone calls that Leah got from Max. It was so realistic and scary, I am pretty sure that half of the listeners jumped when they heard it. Everything to can clinking and a car door shutting was so realistic. This was a great episode to listen for sound effects and it was a great podcast in general! So much fun!!

Moon Graffiti Review

Moon Graffiti is a really cool story with just sound effects. You can follow along really well with just sound effects and you don’t need much context to get what this is about. The sound effects and audio makes me skin crawl. It is so creepy and eerie and amazing.

Sound could make or break a story, and in this instance it made it. The radio talk makes it seem like this was real and it is really great. Even when they kick the sand and you hear it going is amazing!

The sounds when he is becoming deprived of oxygen and things sound a little weird is cool because you feel as if you are losing it with him.

The other part when they do the speech about Armstrong and Neil being stuck on the moon sounds like an old radio and you could clothes your eyes and pretend you are in the 60’s listening to this tragic news and it pulls at the heart a little.

This podcast is one I will be listening to more often. It was amazing.


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Week 5 Summary

What a busy busy week!!

This week included 12 stars of assignments, a live Tweet session while listening to the DS106 radio! Which happened to be with my favorite podcast, “Limetown”, and was fun to tweet with classmates.

My radio bumper was featured and that was pretty awesome to hear some feedback on that!

I love working with audio a lot more than I thought I would. Backup job is a radio host now due to this week’s assignments!

There was a lot of work but it was all REALLY rewarding and I am glad that I worked so hard because it was a lot of fun.…y-cat-lady-joann/

Where is Becky?!?!

Radio Shows Ideas

DS106 Radio Bumper

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Tweet Along!


Moon Graffiti Review