Final Mission




This week, I decided to explore the undercover agents that were working with The Directorate to expose our agency. The agents ended up being Agent Fawn and Agent Paul Bond. This project was a lot of fun but I spent a lot of time recording and planning the story line. I thought the recordings would be the most valuable to this project because they are really fun and it is cool to add sounds like page flipping or a pen tapping or even eerie background music to just take it to the next level. The video was something that I thought was also a cool touch. I thought what would be sent out to all of the agents to tell them who it was? Well a video would be a good way to describe what happened and who was involved. That is why I chose a video. I think that the project came out cool. If I had infinite time I would take this further with video and maybe put my photoshop skills to use. But I love how this turned out and I am proud of it. It may seem simple but the amount of planning that went into this is probably more then I probably should have done.

Week 12 Summary

This week we had to do 12 stars of mashup assignments, make a “how to” post, and do 2 remixes. This week was probably the hardest one for me. I think that my creativity is headed down the drain as we near the end of the semester with a 10 page paper and projects hanging over my head. Despite all of that, I think I did pretty good this week. I think that the most fun part was making Talky Tina. That was fun. I also had a hard time relating it to the class theme. I think that that was one of the more challenging parts. I think I only got one of the mashups to be related…shame on me. Anyways, check it all out!

Daily Creates Week 12

Holiday Mash-up

007 – Talky Tina

How to: Create a Movie Mash-Up


Remix Assignment 1

Remix #2- Uncle Bob

Week 11 Summary

Another week of Video Assignments. I did 9 stars worth of character videos and 4 stars of another video assignment. I love making videos with iMovie and this gave me a good chance to use it again. I will miss making videos for this class. I also did 3 daily creates this week which were also pretty entertaining. Another week for the books.

Passangers Spoiler

Who is Agent Reveal?


Week 11 Daily Create

Week 10 Summary

This week was another fun one. I decided that instead of working in a group, that I would work alone since my schedule is so crazy and I have weird times to do things. I did 10 stars worth of assignments and I also did my video essay on Nancy Drew. This week I used a lot of iMovie,, and YouTube to complete my assignments. I did two daily creates which were amusing as always.

Daily Create Week 10

Word. Picture. Story.

Animal Dance!

Lyric Video

Agent Reveal Interview

Video Essay : Nancy Drew

Week 9 Summary

What another great week. It was so cool to hear all the radio shows that were made in the pas two weeks. I did a critique of Sexpionage and just wrote down some of my thought on what could make it better and what was done well. I also tried to to the web remix and did one on Amazon. It was pretty confusing but I figured it out and it was fun to use a tool I never have used before. Also, I tied all of my daily creates together and thought that was a fun twist on things. This week overall was fun and I am looking forward to next week as always!

Web Remix of Amazon

Dream Trip on Pinterst

Radio Show Review

Dream Room

Quick, Draw! FUN

Daily Create Story- Week 9

Week 7 Summary

This week I learned a lot. I learned about a new tool that allows you to crate a poster. It is really cool because you don’t have to worry about copyright issues or anything. You pick a templet, add your own words, and can delete or add more images too it.

We also got a name for our radio show, “Agents on Air”, and that is really exciting in it self. I feel like we are really moving forward. You can read more about this in my radio show progress post.

Lastly, I opened up to the world. I got to tell a store within a two minute period and I talks about a lot of personal things. I may even look for a job in this field now that I know I love it so much! Exciting times!

Good week, looking forward to recording next week!! Should be fun and intersting to see where the show goes.

Promo Poster for “Agents on Air”

Radio Show Progress: Group 1

2 Minute Life Story

Agents on Air Radio Bumper

Commercial for Agents on Air

Daily Creates Week 7

Week 5 Summary

What a busy busy week!!

This week included 12 stars of assignments, a live Tweet session while listening to the DS106 radio! Which happened to be with my favorite podcast, “Limetown”, and was fun to tweet with classmates.

My radio bumper was featured and that was pretty awesome to hear some feedback on that!

I love working with audio a lot more than I thought I would. Backup job is a radio host now due to this week’s assignments!

There was a lot of work but it was all REALLY rewarding and I am glad that I worked so hard because it was a lot of fun.…y-cat-lady-joann/

Where is Becky?!?!

Radio Shows Ideas

DS106 Radio Bumper

Week 5 Daily Creates

Tweet Along!


Moon Graffiti Review

Week 4 Summary

Really, this week was a stressful one. Had a family emergency and am currently so sick I am practically bed ridden. But, all in all, I got all of the assignments done, hopefully. I missed a direction last week but this week I read a lot slower and more carefully to make sure that I was doing everything correctly.


Nancy Drew meet Sherlock Holmes

Caution Children



Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

Photoblitzer Fun!



Daily Creates: Week 4