2 Minute Life Story


This is really personal and it feels good to open up. I am sure not many people will listen but this might be a new thing for me. It’s like an audio journal. I decided to talk about being engaged at 22, living alone, and being engaged with a side of anxiety and depression. It is not exactly 2 minutes but I figure quality over quantity. This assignment was fun and I may have just found a new hobby. Also, because of these assignments, I can really see myself getting into some type of audio business when I graduate because I love it so much.



Agents on Air Radio Bumper

For this radio bumper I decided that it would be fun to incorporate some type of interesting background music that plays on the agent theme. With this process, I decided that I was going to include what we talk about on the radio show because I think it is important to let listeners know what they are in for. I put all of this together and created this bumper!

Commercial for Agents on Air

For the commercial, I tried to think of something that agents might struggle with. Then I came up with the idea of “Dare2BeDoubled”. This company would make a robot that was so realistic that even your closest family couldn’t tell the difference between you or your double. It would solve the problem of living a double life for agents and I thought it was a great idea!