I watched the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. I watched two episodes and they were Platon: Photography and Paula Scher: Graphic Design. Both of these episodes were amazing and actually were really good.

Platon is a famous photographer that has taken pictures of many famous people, some good and some bad. Platon still uses old cameras with film and simple white and black backdrops. He also is very focused on lighting. In this episode he goes to a country called  Congo and where he meets a gynecologist that works with women that have been sexually assaulted. He takes pictures of the women that were sexually assaulted by military soldiers. As Platon said in the show “…rape is cheaper than bullets…”. The best part of all of his work is that he will go to places like Congo, and photograph people that need their stories told and created an online portfolio with their stories and images. Platon is now one of my favorite photographers.

Paula Scher is a graphic designer that focuses heavily on typography. Before she became famous for her typography, she use to create album covers for many famous artist such as Bob Dylan and Cheap Trick. The less famous artist let her do what she wanted and that is when her typography work became famous. Some famous projects she did was Citi bank, Windows, Tiffany & Co., and even the CNN logo. She is a famous typography artist but she is also a painter. He father once worked on making maps and even created something that made maps more accurate. She showed her dad one of her hand painted maps and she thought he would think it was ridiculous because it was so inaccurate but instead he found it to be amazing because it was creative and he was never that. She is famous for many things and works with many different mediums. I can’t believe I never knew about her before watching this!