Final Mission




This week, I decided to explore the undercover agents that were working with The Directorate to expose our agency. The agents ended up being Agent Fawn and Agent Paul Bond. This project was a lot of fun but I spent a lot of time recording and planning the story line. I thought the recordings would be the most valuable to this project because they are really fun and it is cool to add sounds like page flipping or a pen tapping or even eerie background music to just take it to the next level. The video was something that I thought was also a cool touch. I thought what would be sent out to all of the agents to tell them who it was? Well a video would be a good way to describe what happened and who was involved. That is why I chose a video. I think that the project came out cool. If I had infinite time I would take this further with video and maybe put my photoshop skills to use. But I love how this turned out and I am proud of it. It may seem simple but the amount of planning that went into this is probably more then I probably should have done.

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