Week 12 Summary

This week we had to do 12 stars of mashup assignments, make a “how to” post, and do 2 remixes. This week was probably the hardest one for me. I think that my creativity is headed down the drain as we near the end of the semester with a 10 page paper and projects hanging over my head. Despite all of that, I think I did pretty good this week. I think that the most fun part was making Talky Tina. That was fun. I also had a hard time relating it to the class theme. I think that that was one of the more challenging parts. I think I only got one of the mashups to be related…shame on me. Anyways, check it all out!

Daily Creates Week 12

Holiday Mash-up

007 – Talky Tina

How to: Create a Movie Mash-Up


Remix Assignment 1

Remix #2- Uncle Bob

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