Week 7 Summary

This week I learned a lot. I learned about a new tool that allows you to crate a poster. It is really cool because you don’t have to worry about copyright issues or anything. You pick a templet, add your own words, and can delete or add more images too it.

We also got a name for our radio show, “Agents on Air”, and that is really exciting in it self. I feel like we are really moving forward. You can read more about this in my radio show progress post.

Lastly, I opened up to the world. I got to tell a store within a two minute period and I talks about a lot of personal things. I may even look for a job in this field now that I know I love it so much! Exciting times!

Good week, looking forward to recording next week!! Should be fun and intersting to see where the show goes.

Promo Poster for “Agents on Air”

Radio Show Progress: Group 1

2 Minute Life Story

Agents on Air Radio Bumper

Commercial for Agents on Air

Daily Creates Week 7

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